Marina Rentschler

Marina Müller

For more than eight years I have worked as occupational therapist in different clinics and doctor's practices. The complexity that working among generations includes continues giving me pleasure until today. During a private journey to Israel in 2009, I experienced my first encounter with a Holocaust survivor.
An extraordinary experience was, when Holocaust survivor Gita Koifman asked me during the memorial days of the Wannsee conference in 2012 at the Holocaust Memorial here in Berlin, whether I would be her “German daughter”. This experience strengthened my desire to make more encounters between Holocaust survivors and their children and Grandchildren in Israel in Germany possible, so that hearts are touched on both sides and so that we can make a meaningful mark for the future. (Anmerkung: Übersetzung angepasst in: diese Begegnungen möglich zu machen statt nur “dass sie möglich sind”, den sie trägt ja tatsächlich dazu bei. Sonst müssten wir das englische ändern in: This experience strengthened my wish for more encounters between Holocaust survivors and their children and Grandchildren in Israel in Germany to be possible, so that…”)


Daniel Mueller

Daniel Müller

For me, looking at the future is especially important. Someday, Holocaust survivors will no longer be alive. It is therefore one of my major concerns to focus the attention on the psychological suffering of the second and third generation of Holocaust survivors. The way we handle this dimension will share the German-Israeli relations for the next decades. In our joint cooperation we – Germans and Israelis, Christians and Jews, can send strong signs of reconciliation and hope. Apart from the overall management, my focus area is the German-Israeli exchange programme.


David Luellemann

David Lüllemann - Education against anti-Semitism

I am active at „Witness of the witnesses“ because, being a student of Jewish studies and history, it provides a special opportunity to link my interests, to meet Holocaust survivors but also, to introduce my knowledge and my skills.


Divisional management


Christina Zanter

Christina Zanter - PR

Encountering – Remembering – Passing on – Shaping the future! Thanks to many strong and courageous individuals who have survived the Holocaust, this project is possible! They pass on their personal experience, and thus ensure that the darkest chapter of our history will not be forgotten. I consider this contribution as immensely important, in order to call to remembrance the horrors of the past also among future generations, to counter antisemitism, and in that way shape a better future together:
„Shame alone is not sufficient, it needs counteraction!“ (Wolfgang Schäuble, Presiding Officer of the German Parliament, on Holocaust Remembrance Day)


Experts on the team


Tina Dreier - Psychology, M.Sc.


Tina is trained psychologist and is available for advice to our interviewers. She has already had various encounters with survivors in Germany and Israel and also already conducted interviews herself. We are glad that Tina supports our team since early 2017.



Matthias Niehoff - Banking Professional


Matthias is responsible for our financial unit. He has dedicated his competences since 2013.

Core team

Guppenfoto des Stammteams von Zeugen der Zeitzeugen

(Part of our countrywide team at a team retreat)

Twice a year we hold a countrywide Core team meeting.

Until today, our team has grown to around 60 young adults who work for ZdZ on an honorary basis. In the various cities a network of visitors is developing so that young people regularly visit Holocaust survivors and celebrate Jewish feast with them.