Education on Holocaust

It happened and thus, it can happen again.

Primo Levi

We offer the following documents online to carry out educational evens on-site.

a) Life Story: Life Story of Shaya Harsit (Speaker: Shaya Harsit, born 1934 in Warsaw; Language: English)

b) Online seminar: The Holocaust-Between History and Remembrance in the Israeli Society (Speaker: Dr. Lea Ganor, daughter of Holocaust survivors from Poland, director of the Mashmaut Center in Kiryat Motzkin, Israel; language: English)

c) Partner Paper: Body, Mind and Spirit - Philosophical Reflections for Researching Education about the Holocaust (Author: , on 09.20.2017 published in Education Sciences, Volume 7, Issue 3, language: English)

d) Partner Paper: Exploring the Educational Potential of a Video-Interview with a Shoah Survivor (Autor: , 2017 published in Genocide Studies and Prevention, Volume 11, Issue 2, language: English)

e) Partner Paper: Guilt(y) today? What some German youths say after virtual encounters with Shoah survivors (Autor: , J Hist Sociol. 2018;1–19 , language: English)